Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Want to be featured?

I am looking for some sellers to do a feature on in the coming weeks especially if you are a relatively new seller. All you have to do is comment my blog here and check out my shop!

I've been working a lot lately to get ready for a show I have coming up January 31st; I was considerably worried about doing a show that was going to be all bath and body vendors, but I recently got a list of all the vendors that are going to be there, and I will be the ONLY handmade bath and body company there. All others are Avon, Mary Kay and others like that, so I hope people will give a chance on handmade! I will have two six foot tables in an L position though since this Festival is in a school I do not know where I will be set up until I get there Saturday morning. I got some nice new black sheets to use on the tables and I am going out today to look for some items to use on the tables.

I also have brought my face care line to Etsy, including a cleanser, toner and microdermabrasion cream. I just have to say that I LOVE my microdermabrasion. Leaves your skin so smooth and soft.

I also added Look-a-like Lego Soap!

You can see the Lego soap HERE at my Etsy store! Check it out!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fight Club and Project Wonderful!

Its been a busy month so far; I've got a big show coming up Saturday January 31st, which I am excited and nervous about! It's called Pampering Fest, so ALL the vendors there will have bath and body products, though I am up against people who sell Mary Kay and Avon. They may have an established name but I am hoping they will give all natural items a chance! Plus, I have this really great new soap (its great for the hubby, he couldn't wait to use his bar today!) The color turned out great on this one, I think! The scent is Peppermint Essential Oil, but I have added the option to customize it by listing all my available scents (about fifty) so you can choose the scent! May I just say it is fantastic in a Chai Tea scent?

Also, for anyone looking for Project Wonderful ad space, I am looking for some handmade artists that would like their ads viewed for FREE on my website. You can find the ad space at: You do have to have a Project Wonderful account to get the ad space, but it does not take long to set up, and you can get great ad space for FREE!

I guess that's it for now... I am hoping when I have more time I will be able to start doing features on handmade sellers. Keep an eye out for that!